Who We Are

Persian Vote Project is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, volunteer-based group whose main goal is to encourage the Iranian-American community to vote in greater numbers. The initial group came together in the fall of 2018 in Orange County, California to increase voter turnout in the community and quickly expanded beyond the original few Congressional races it focused on.

We remain a volunteer-based project to this day. We are not affiliated with any candidate, party, or organization.

What We Believe

We believe when Iranian-Americans vote in great numbers, it helps everyone in the community. We see our mission beyond partisan leanings. Persian Vote Project is, and will remain, a nonpartisan initiative for that reason.

We also believe we need to invest in both education and encouragement. Persian Vote Project focuses on online and offline efforts to inform and guide voters — and potential voters — on the how and why of voting. We do everything within our charter in both English and Persian to expand our reach.

Our motto, “Every Iranian-American: Five Votes,” highlights the need to organically expand voting and civic engagement. We believe the best way to do that is by inspiring voters each to reach out to five people in their circle of family and friends to make sure they also vote.

Join Us

We are always looking to expand our group of volunteers. If you are interested to learn more, please drop us a note.