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Make sure you’re registered to vote

To be able to vote, you need to be registered. If you are a United States citizen, 18 years of age or older, you can register to vote.

First, let’s double check our registration status. Even if you have voted in the past, it’s a good idea to verify:
Check your voter registration status

In most states the deadline for online registration has passed, but in some states you can still register in person and cast a provisional ballot before or on Election day, including California, Nevada, and Washington. See the full list of states here.

Decide how you are voting

In this year’s election, voters have more options in how and when they cast their ballots:


In most states, you either automatically receive a mail ballot, or you can request one easily. In others you may need an excuse, but in some states concerns over Coronavirus would count as a valid excuse this year. You can mail your ballot back, or return them in-person or at a secure drop-box. Learn more »

Vote Early (In-Person)

Many states have added, or expanded, early voting this year. You can vote in person days — or weeks — in advance of Election Day. Learn more »

Vote on Election Day

And, as always, you can vote on Election Day, November 3. Find your voting location »

You’re almost done!
Vote by Mail

Make sure to follow the instructions carefully. Put your ballot in the designated envelope and seal it. In most states, you need to sign and date on the envelope. Some states require a witness to sign as well. A few states have two envelopes for the a ballot. Following the instructions ensures your vote is processed and counted. After you’re done, you can either mail back your ballot or return it at a voting location or at an official drop-box. Find a voting location »California vote centers and drop-boxes »

Vote in Person

If you have the option to vote early, it’s strongly recommended to vote as soon as you can. Some states require to have a form of ID to be able to vote in person. Find your voting location »

Track your ballot

Many states allow voters to track their ballots after they’re returned. California ballot tracking »

Voter Hotline

We are here to help. Just ask our volunteers, in English or Persian, any questions you might have about voting.
(You can call us, text us, chat with us on Facebook or WhatsApp, or email us.)

2020 Elections: State by State

Voting in most states is easier than ever. Voters can choose how and when to cast their ballots by various means:

  • Voters can vote from home
  • You can mail back your ballot, or drop it off at secure locations, or vote in-person — early or on Election Day
  • No need to wait until November 3. In fact, the earlier the better

For detailed info and dates, hover over any state on the map below (or tap if you’re on mobile).

Every active registered voter receives a vote-by-mail ballot

Every active registered voter receives an application to request vote-by-mail ballot

Any registered voter can request a vote-by-mail ballot

Voters would need an excuse to request a vote-by-mail ballot

Voting in California

All registered voters in California will receive a vote-by-mail ballot. This means you won’t have to request a vote-by-mail ballot — one will be sent to you automatically. Just mail back your ballot (no stamp required), or drop it off at a Vote Center or a secure Ballot Drop Box.
To make things even easier, now you can drop off your ballot at ballot drop boxes without having to step into a Vote Center. There are secure boxes across your county, operating around the clock. This means you can drop off your ballot even after-hours.
There are Vote Centers all over California. If you’re registered to vote, you can cast your ballot at any Vote Center in your county. This means there will be no Election Day-only local precincts — but you can choose any Vote Center close to home, work, or school.

Ballot Checklist

Return your ballot in the designated envelope that came with your ballot.

On the envelope — not the ballot — sign your name (important: use the same signature that’s on your Driver’s License) and date. Carefully follow the instructions.

Postage is prepaid in California. And if you want your ballot to get there even faster, drop it off at a Ballot Drop Box.

For more information about voting in California, especially in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County, and to see a map of all Vote Centers and Ballot Drop Boxes in SoCal, visit our California page:

Voting in California + Map of Vote Centers

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