Early Voting

In most states you can vote early in person. This is a safe option for those who prefer in-person voting and want to avoid the busier Election Day voting for health and other reasons.

Check out when you can start to vote in person in your state. Keep in mind the location of these early voting stations might be different from your Election Day precinct.

September 18Minnesota, South Dakota, Virginia and Wyoming

September 19New Jersey

September 21Vermont

September 22Missouri

September 24Illinois and Michigan

October 2Connecticut

October 5California, Iowa, Maine and Nebraska

October 6Indiana and Ohio

October 7Arizona

October 9Montana

October 10New Hampshire

October 12Georgia

October 13Kentucky and Texas

October 14Kansas, Rhode Island and Tennessee

October 15North Carolina

October 16Washington

October 17Massachusetts, Nevada and New Mexico

October 19Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado , Idaho and North Dakota

October 20Hawaii, Louisiana, Utah and Wisconsin

October 21 West Virginia

October 24 Florida, Mississippi and New York

October 26 Maryland

October 27 District of Columbia

October 29 Oklahoma